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Your child will embark on their Preschool journey with us at around three years old, enjoying an enriching, learning environment, that fully supports their individual needs through individual play and group activities.

We are passionate about taking care of your Preschool children

On a site just over the road from our Nursery, our Preschool is the perfect place for your children to begin to prepare for their eventual transition to “big school.” This is a far more structured routine, with children working in small groups and learning to concentrate for longer periods of time. They also become far more independent, pouring their own drinks, serving their own food, laying the table and learning how to use a computer. Topics covered are based on the following seven areas of learning: physical development, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Designs, Understanding of the world and mathematics.

Within our Preschool room, there are some guided learning areas, such as a construction area, a home corner, a book area, and creative spaces for music and art. To complement these, we provide a range of areas and activities which all serve different purposes. We want to inspire your child’s imagination and role play so they’ll be able to safely explore feelings and friendships, develop problem-solving, and have space available where they can have quiet time and reflection.

Their time in the preschool environment leads them towards starting their school journey, where their first year at school sees them complete their Early Years Foundation Stage journey that began at our nursery. We want to ensure that all of our children are ready for their transition to school and help to make this change as easy as possible.

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