Little Green Fingers At Work!

We have been taking advantage of the fine weather we’ve been having recently by planting and growing all kinds of plants and vegetables.

photoWe started by planting veggies and plants for our show garden at the Southport Flower Show which takes place in August.

But wait, we have a secret surprise for our Southport show garden…mushrooms!


We will be growing all sorts of varieties for our show garden, including some of the weird and wonderful pictured!

But it doesn’t stop there. We have joined the RHS Schools gardening programme and are bidding for a gold medal in our first year. We’ve planted up flowers, herbs and our own potatoes and cannot wait to see the results later in the year.

IMG_1454The most exciting piece of gardening for the children was planting our very own Monkey Puzzle tree! Thank you so much to David Rose chair of the Flower Show for his very kind donation – the tree!