Speaking To Our New Friends In Tanzania!

How did we survive before the Internet? One of the most important developments in cyberspace, has been the ease in which we can speak to people face to face, anywhere in the World for free!

That is exactly what we did on Friday 28th August, when our preschoolers spoke with a group of children at an orphanage in Tanzania.

The call was arranged by one of our nursery staff who has recently returned from a six month sabbatical there.

All our children were very excited to speak directly to the children in Africa, especially after we showed them where Tanzania was on a map. It won’t stop there though as this will continue as an ongoing programme.

kwaheri kwa sasa (that’s “goodbye for now” in Swahili!)

Little Green Fingers At Work!

We have been taking advantage of the fine weather we’ve been having recently by planting and growing all kinds of plants and vegetables.

photoWe started by planting veggies and plants for our show garden at the Southport Flower Show which takes place in August.

But wait, we have a secret surprise for our Southport show garden…mushrooms!


We will be growing all sorts of varieties for our show garden, including some of the weird and wonderful pictured!

But it doesn’t stop there. We have joined the RHS Schools gardening programme and are bidding for a gold medal in our first year. We’ve planted up flowers, herbs and our own potatoes and cannot wait to see the results later in the year.

IMG_1454The most exciting piece of gardening for the children was planting our very own Monkey Puzzle tree! Thank you so much to David Rose chair of the Flower Show for his very kind donation – the tree!

Spooky Goings On…

Halloween at Monkey Puzzle SouthportIt’s that time of year again, when the gremlins, spectres and wacky witches cross over from the dark side, yes it’s Halloween!

Here at Monkey Puzzle day nursery Southport we nerve need much of an excuse to get into spooky fancy dress, so we have been celebrating Halloween all week playing ghoulish games and even having our own unique Ugly Bug Ball on Wednesday.

The parents also joined in the fun, showing their creative sculpting skills, by carving pumpkins, they really dod get into the “spirit” of things!

There was one pumpkin however that ended up looking familiar after a little “monkey business”….


Something Fishy’s Going On In Southport

Here at Southport Monkey Puzzle we love taking the children to explore the local community and being located so close to sea, what better place to visit than a local fishmonger, Wesley’s Fish!

The children got to see lots of different species of fish and watch how Terry the fishmonger prepares his catch for his loyal customers.

As you can see, the children managed to get up close and personal with a great looking salmon!

So if you didn’t already know what was on the menu for the day it was a delicious home made fish pie!

Parent’s Take Home Bags

If you haven’t already seen, you will find our new activity packs on the ground floor near the coat pegs.

The bags contain plenty of things for you and your toddler to be creative with. There are also some great books to take home and read, “Aliens Love Underpants” (yes it really is called that!) or “Norman The Snail” and his search for a fancy shell.

Along with the books there are pots of Play Doh or gloop if you’re feeling creative, props, recipes and ingredients.

For the brave ones among you why not take home our bug hunters bag. There’s a specimen jar for the creepy crawlies you come across and a magnifying glass so that you can get up close and personal! So let’s see what you intrepid explorers can find in your garden or the park and don’t keep it to yourself, bring it into the nursery and show us!

If you have any questions just ask your child’s key worker…


Healthy Eating, Healthy Living!

As you may know we strive to serve 5 portions of fruit and veg each day, much of the time we exceed that.

This September, with that in mind, we are concentrating on the theme of healthy well-being.

The children exercise every morning with our ‘shake and wake’ class and throughout the week, healthy lifestyles are promoted from healthy eating, washing hands before meals and snacks and learning about foods in fun stories such as “Handa’s Surprise”.

Towards the end of the month we will be hosting a visit by Little Eaters. They will be with us all afternoon from 2pm, on September 23rd, sharing baking and healthy cooking tips and recipes. Why not pop in?

Get in touch for further information!

Welcome To Our New Robot!

It’s been another busy week at Monkey Puzzle Southport.

First we installed a brand new computer in the nursery, this addition adds to the nursery iPad. The children love using both and have taken to the technology seamlessly, not long before they’re helping their parents struggling with their own computers we think!

Without doubt the most exciting accessory though is our new robot, Bee Bot.

Bee Bot is an award winning floor robot. Possessing a simple and child friendly layout it is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language and programming to young children. We are using it to introduce the children to problem solving and group decision making.

There are some primary schools that already use it, so being one of the first nurseries makes us proudly ahead of the game!

Guess who’s Coming To Tea

Guess who is eating us out of house and home?!

The accompanying picture might explain it…


We are baking our own cookies this week and hope they don’t get eaten up too quickly by you know who! Later this week we will be holding our own tea party and picnic, hopefully in the park (weather permitting!).

Watch this space for more pictures.


Dear Zoo Fun!


Well, we’ve had a fun start to September!

Our Tweenies have been taking part in ‘Dear Zoo’ activities, drawing, cutting play-doh shapes and running around the playground having lots of fun like their favourite animals from the book, Dear Zoo.

The day was a great success and the Tweenies creativity and animal noises kept us entertained all day long!

Bugs, Giant Turnips And Magic Beans!

All our children have been busy in the  garden looking for bugs and creepy crawlies, planting potatoes, marigolds, sweet peas and much much more including magic beans!

This was extended to story time where they all enjoyed ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘ and The Giant Turnip’. Later in the week our Pre-school and Toddlers had a lovely trip to Dobbies where they learned all about taking care of, growing and of course eating strawberries!

Easter was full of activities with all our children making easter bonnets and rabbit ears – lots of fun, feathers and glitter! Everyone loved making the finger and thumb print easter egg cards and we hope all the parents enjoyed receiving them.

The week was ended with a visit from the Easter Bunny himself.

All the children were very excited and loved dancing with him. The sun was out and rabbit ears and bonnets were paraded by all the children.

Meanwhile over in the science lab, lots of baking and cooking has been going on with such activities as making Easter Bunny Nests with shredded wheat and chocolate (yummy!).

The children also made their own tea, home-made pizza with lots of toppings to choose from. This week they even made their own soda bread! Pre-school made pudding for all the nursery – a lovely strawberry jelly for all and they have even made flapjacks!

So I think you can say it really has been a busy month for all of us, if you like the sound of how we teach and have fun with the children at our Southport day nursery and would like your child to experience the same, why not get in touch and arrange for us to show you and your child around Southport Monkey Puzzle, we are very proud of what we do!