Halloween 2016

Wow! Our children have brought in some fantastic pumpkin creations! They have been decorating the nursery in readiness for their Halloween party on Monday and are really looking forward to having a spook-tacular time…….

Pre School scavenger hunt

Our Pre-schoolers had a fabulous outing to Hesketh Park on our Autumn scavenger hunt.

Police visit

Always on our best behaviour – especially when we get to meet our local police. Thank you so much to the officers who came in to see us.

New interactive whiteboard

It didn’t take these new pre-schoolers long to get the hang of our new interactive whiteboard. They were all mini experts within minutes.

Graduation Day

Thank you to all our parents and Pre-school children that came to nursery for their graduation. We were very lucky again with the weather which meant we had a fantastic celebration in the garden. It has been a privilege to watch your children grow and flourish with us and feel very lucky that we have had the chance to get to know some wonderful families. We are sorry to see them go but I’m sure they are all very excited about their next step going to ‘big school’. We would also like to thank everyone for their kind gifts, they are all appreciated by all the staff. Thank you again for a wonderful day.

Happy 90th Birthday Your Majesty

What better occasion or visitor? We loved celebrating The Queen’s special birthday. Thank you to all our parents for coming to our garden party, thank you to Miss Vicky for her great dance classes and thank you all our staff and of course our well behaved children who had a really great day!!


Lift Off At Last!

Do you remember the catastrophic attempt to send our seeds into space? Well if you want to jog your memory and watch the video take a look here.

Well this time, I want to report some good news!

On 2 September our rocket seeds were successfully launched into space, bound for their new home aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The seeds departed from Baikonur, Kazakhstan on Soyuz 44S – the flight that is delivering European Space Agency astronaut Andreas Mogensen and his crew to the ISS.

The rocket will dock tomorrow morning and the astronauts will unload the seeds and transfer them safely on board. They will remain on the ISS for several months and return to Earth with astronaut Scott Kelly, currently planned for March 2016.

We are all so excited and the children cannot wait to see the results of our lunar blooms in March.

Speaking To Our New Friends In Tanzania!

How did we survive before the Internet? One of the most important developments in cyberspace, has been the ease in which we can speak to people face to face, anywhere in the World for free!

That is exactly what we did on Friday 28th August, when our preschoolers spoke with a group of children at an orphanage in Tanzania.

The call was arranged by one of our nursery staff who has recently returned from a six month sabbatical there.

All our children were very excited to speak directly to the children in Africa, especially after we showed them where Tanzania was on a map. It won’t stop there though as this will continue as an ongoing programme.

kwaheri kwa sasa (that’s “goodbye for now” in Swahili!)

Little Green Fingers At Work!

We have been taking advantage of the fine weather we’ve been having recently by planting and growing all kinds of plants and vegetables.

photoWe started by planting veggies and plants for our show garden at the Southport Flower Show which takes place in August.

But wait, we have a secret surprise for our Southport show garden…mushrooms!


We will be growing all sorts of varieties for our show garden, including some of the weird and wonderful pictured!

But it doesn’t stop there. We have joined the RHS Schools gardening programme and are bidding for a gold medal in our first year. We’ve planted up flowers, herbs and our own potatoes and cannot wait to see the results later in the year.

IMG_1454The most exciting piece of gardening for the children was planting our very own Monkey Puzzle tree! Thank you so much to David Rose chair of the Flower Show for his very kind donation – the tree!

Our Rocket Seeds Were Meant To Bloom But Instead Went BOOM!

Everybody here at Monkey Puzzle children, parents and staff were all intently huddled around laptops and tablets on Sunday 28th June at 3.21pm waiting for lift off of the SpaceX-7 rocket flight.



Well, we had joined up to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Campaign for School Gardening, part of which involved sending a selection of rocket seeds to the International Space Station for a series of tests.

How exciting is that!

The RHS Campaign For School Gardening was created to inspire and support schools to provide children with gardening opportunities to enhance their their skills and boost development.

The rocket seed experiment was intended to compare how space effects the seeds compared to those identical seeds that remain on earth.

The rocket blasted off on schedule but just two and a half minutes into its galactic journey things started to go wrong.

Badly wrong…

The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket suffered a catastrophic failure destroying the Dragon capsule holding our seeds and all its other precious cargo.

But we are still hopeful after discussions between the RHS and the European Space Agency confirmed that they were to find another launch opportunity as soon as possible.

While everyone at Monkey Puzzle Southport were disappointed, it has not dampened the children’s enthusiasm for gardening and expect them to be gathered round their computers once more in the not too distant future.