Spooky Goings On…

Halloween at Monkey Puzzle SouthportIt’s that time of year again, when the gremlins, spectres and wacky witches cross over from the dark side, yes it’s Halloween!

Here at Monkey Puzzle day nursery Southport we nerve need much of an excuse to get into spooky fancy dress, so we have been celebrating Halloween all week playing ghoulish games and even having our own unique Ugly Bug Ball on Wednesday.

The parents also joined in the fun, showing their creative sculpting skills, by carving pumpkins, they really dod get into the “spirit” of things!

There was one pumpkin however that ended up looking familiar after a little “monkey business”….


Something Fishy’s Going On In Southport

Here at Southport Monkey Puzzle we love taking the children to explore the local community and being located so close to sea, what better place to visit than a local fishmonger, Wesley’s Fish!

The children got to see lots of different species of fish and watch how Terry the fishmonger prepares his catch for his loyal customers.

As you can see, the children managed to get up close and personal with a great looking salmon!

So if you didn’t already know what was on the menu for the day it was a delicious home made fish pie!